CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

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Q: How can I apply to sit for the certification exam? – and what about fees, testing locations, and dates?
A: REGISTRATION: After you have verified your eligibility on the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA WORKSHEET, the next step is to download and read through the CANDIDATES HANDBOOK. There you will find instructions about how to 1] Apply to sit for the exam, and 2] Register at a testing center near you.

FEES: “Earlybird fees” for candidates who sit for the Certified CME Professional (CCMEP) Examination in 2008 are $350 + $50 nonrefundable Processing Fee. In 2009, the fees will be $400 + $50 nonrefundable Processing Fee.

DATES: In 2008, the CCMEP Examination will be available during these time periods: June 13-30, September 13-30 and December 1-31. In 2009, the Exam will be available during these time periods: March 13-30, June 13-30, September 13-30 and December 1-31.

TESTING LOCATIONS: The CCMEP Examination is computer based, but due to security measures required for a certification exam, candidates may not use their personal computers or laptops to take the exam. The Examination will be offered at more than 200 sites throughout the United States and Canada during 4 time periods each year. For locations of testing sites please see the Testing Site Map.
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