CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

Test Development in
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Test Development in collaboration with SMT

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Eligibility Points
When you submit your application for an Extension of Certification (EOC) you will be asked to document 12 points of your own personal continuous professional development (CPD) activities that took place AFTER the date of your last certification.

Each candidate's Worksheet will be reviewed for evidence of his/her own personal CPD that has taken place since the initial certification date. The EOC point requirement is 12 points, compared with 15 points required for initial certification.

Additional academic degrees, attendance at conferences and webinars targeted for CME professionals, memberships in CME organizations, presentations at CME events, and volunteer work in the CME community are among the activities that may qualify toward the 12-point requirement. Please do not include previous degrees, memberships, or licenses; do not include activities that are part of your job description.

You will receive an email reminder approximately 3 months before your current certificate expires. Please submit your EOC Worksheet and apply for the Extension within the following time periods:

CCMEP Class EOC Registration Period
MarchJanuary 1 – March 15
JuneApril 1 – June 15
SeptemberJuly 1 – September 15
DecemberOctober 1 – December 15

National Registry of Certified CME Professionals
Qualified candidates will receive updated certificates; will continue to be listed in the National Registry of Certified CME Professionals under their original Class year (e.g., “Class of June 2008-EOC”); and may continue to use the “CCMEP” designation on their business cards. The Registry is accessible to the public at

Registrations received after the registration period ends, but before the 2-year EOC period ends, will require a late fee of $60.

CCMEPs who allow their certification to expire and then wish to be reinstated will be required to pay for and pass the currently available 3-hour certification exam and will need to document 15 points of education/experience in the CME field.

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